Online Procurement System (RzOPS)

Online Procurement System (RzOPS)

Rz Communications, Inc. Online Procurement System (RzOPS) is more than an online shopping website.
It’s an Online Procurement System designed from the ground up to provide your organization with a unique kind of purchasing experience.

You can instantly obtain pricing online and print a quotation right from your computer’s desktop.
Your organization can take advantage of our specialized pricing models, quantitative volume discounts.

♦ Two-Way Radios ♦ Tactical Equipment ♦
♦ Radio Batteries, Parts & Accessories ♦
♦ Wireless Networking ♦
♦ Emergency Vehicle Equipment ♦
♦ Surgical Instruments & Supplies ♦

RzComm has an extensive and variety of product lines that are currently searchable and orderable online. New product lines are being added to meet the growing needs of public & governmental agencies. If your required product line or manufacturer is not on the system today it can be added on request.

Motorola • Vertex • Cambium
Canopy • Tactical Ear Gadgets

Because RzOPS has been designed and custom programmed by RzComm we are able to customize the system to meet additional request of functionality need by public and governmental organizations.
The system is capable of adding additional suppliers and vendors as needed by an organization. We will be happy to meet and explore how we can best serve your organization as well as meet with your suppliers to add them to this very unique and user friendly Online Procurement System.