Rz Communications

Rz Communications is one of several affiliated companies in the Rz & Associates, Inc. family of businesses. Founded on the principal of providing quality service in a timely and efficient manner, Rz Communications’ corporate philosophy reflects a strong commitment to:

  • Corporate team building,

  • Investment in employee growth and development,

  • Affirmation that employees are the front-line ambassador to the customer.

The Rz Communications team is comprised of employees committed to the highest standards of excellence and the principle that customer satisfaction is “Goal One”.

Building on our extensive public and private relationships in Texas, Rz Communications successfully teamed with Motorola to implement sales and marketing strategies to take advantage of local public and private initiatives to increase access to small and minority owned companies.

Rz Communications – Building Value Added Partnerships

As a Motorola designated Agent, Dealer and Service Center, we have utilized our skills, talents and contacts to both reinforce and expand market penetration in both governmental and commercial markets here in Texas. We offer information technology voice, data communications equipment sales, installations, warranty, and repair servicing. Our value added efforts have resulted in:

  • SBC’s reevaluation of Motorola’s ruggedized laptop for field implementation. Our efforts directly resulted in SBC’s willingness to reconsider the Motorola laptop model and the actual re-presentation of the system to SBC personnel in Dallas, Texas

  • The City of Laredo’s reconsideration of Motorola’s two-way radio communications solutions. Our intervention with local officials resulted in the reconsideration of the purchase of Motorola two-way radio equipment and support services. This action will be critical in the regional implementation of an emergency communications system which should be compatible with the solution that the City of Laredo implements.

Key Motorola personnel have recognized the potential of the relationship established with Rz & Associates. Here in Texas, Rz’s status as a State Certified Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) has resulted in the maintenance and increase of State of Texas purchases of Motorola product with key State Agencies. An example of this includes:

  • Texas Department of Public Safety – On March 12, 2002 Motorola and Rz Communications, as its exclusive Agent for Texas State Government, were awarded the contract for the design, staging, installation, training, optimization and testing of a CENTRACOM Elite Console system for the DPS and its 37 regional offices. As an added value service, Rz Comm. was the reseller for the Dell services that will integrate with the console system, and will provide the facility and technical staff to perform the staging of all equipment and software.

As a City of Austin certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Motorola has also benefited from its Rz relationship. Our Motorola / Rz Communications teaming efforts have resulted in key projects such as:

  • City of Austin/Travis County Digital Radio Project – In November of 2000, the Austin City Council and its coalition of various agencies awarded Motorola and its partners the COA/Travis County Digital Radio project. This system will provide interoperability to various agencies within the Travis County area. The Coalition’s goals were met by Motorola’s customized design and implementation of an 800 MHz ASTRO Simulcast SmartZone Network. As a key partner of Motorola, Rz Communications was contracted to execute the sale of selected microwave technology from Harris Communications to the coalition. Rz Comm. was also contracted to accept delivery, inventory, warehouse, transport, install, integrate and test communication equipment required for all 18 microwave tower sites along with the digital radio communication systems and all associated components. Rz Comm. participated in the phased testing and will provide 1st level support for all sites during the warranty phase of the system. Rz will ultimately provide technical support for the system throughout its time in operation.

  • CAPCO CTECC 9-1-1 – The Capital Area Planning Council (CAPCO) is a regional council of government which administers the regional 9-1-1 system. On April 10, 2003, the CAPCO Executive Committee contracted Motorola (with Rz Comm. as its sub-contractor) for the procurement, installation, integration, testing and final implementation of new 9-1-1 equipment from PLANT Equipment, Inc. for Austin and Travis County. The new equipment represents the latest technology for answering and processing 9-1-1 calls. This new system and its personnel will be housed in the newly constructed, state-of-the-art Combined Technical Emergency Communications Center (CTECC) in conjunction with the RMDT project.

Rz Communications Partnering Relationships

An element of our future company growth is based on continued use of and execution of strategic partnering relationships like that of Rz Communications with Motorola. Benefits of these relationships to our partnering companies include:

  • Active relationships with federal, state and local government contracting personnel and Government Prime Contractors.

  • Rz is a federally, state and locally registered Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) listed on the SBA’s Profile System and the Department of Defense Centralized Contractor Directory, State of Texas HUB Directory and the City of Austin DBE program.

  • Rz is located in a HUB Zone area.

  • Extensive communications and personal relationships with Federal, state and local government Elected Officials and Elected Members.

  • Trained and committed professional and technical staff.

  • Existing relationships for Bio-Metrics design, assessment, implementation and servicing.


Rz Communications, Inc.

1400 Smith Road, Suite B101

Austin, Texas 78721


Rz Communications-Laredo, Inc.

4601 Maher Ave.

Laredo, Texas 78041



Contact Person: Mitchell Kettrick

Office Phone: 512.386.7336 x110

Cell Phone: 512.845.4047

Fax: 512.386.7350


E-Mail Address:

Rz Communications Capabilities

Wireless Communications

Transfer of Information (voice, data, and video) to a wireless user (person, vehicle, location) over Radio Frequencies (RF). Motorola awarded RZ the status of Motorola Agent and Dealer, authorizing RZ to resell/lease all Motorola communication products. RZ will also, provide the consultation, analysis, design, installation and support of your communication needs.

Mission Critical Communications

  • Public Safety
  • Police
  • Fire/EMS
  • Public Works
  • Public Utilities
  • Health and Medical Facilities
  • Education Systems
  • Corporate Facilities
  • Homeland Security


  • Voice
  • Data
  • Integrated Voice & Data
  • One Way or Two Way
  • One to One or One to Many

Dispatch Radio – Applications

  • Fleet Dispatch
  • Combined Dispatch Centers for Emergency
  • Services and Facilities Maintenance
  • Status/Message (At Scene, Enroute, Available)
  • Integrated Alarm & Control
  • Two Way Text Messaging

Dispatch Radio – Devices

  • A Variety of Mobile and Portable Units
  • Conventional Analog
  • Analog & Digital Trunked
  • Voice Encryption
  • Integrated Voice and Data
  • Control Center Dispatch Equipment

Desktop/Laptop/Network Solutions

RZ has signed a Master Teaming Agreement (MTA) with Dell, which authorizes RZ to resell/lease Dell products to government entities. The MTA guarantees Dell’s most competitive pricing.



Microcomputers/PC (hardware and peripherals)

Minicomputers (hardware and peripherals)








Analysis (desktop, network)

System Design



Technical Support


Microwave Towers


Peripheral Communication Equipment


Project Management

Installation and support of Microwave radio cabinets

Technical Support

Transfer and storage of Microwave communications equipment


Government Liaison

Feasibility Study

Point-of-Sale (POS) Installation, Training and Repair – * POS services and support provided at Rz site, customer site or repair-by-mail.


  • Consulting
  • Government Liaison/Intergovernmental Affairs
  • Network
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Business Planning
  • Network Cabling
  • Network/Desktop Installation, Maintenance and Repair
  • Depot Repair
  • Transfer and Warehousing for Customer Products
  • Pickup and Delivery of Customer Technical Products (statewide)


Rz Communications has developed strategic partnerships with industry leaders in communications, information technology and local business to ensure that our government customers are purchasing world class products, at the most competitive pricing. RZ guarantees to provide consistent quality technical support and customer service to all its customers at all times. Most recently this includes a relationship with the biometric industry’s leading consulting and technology services firm. IBG has provided technology-neutral and vendor-independent biometrics services, strategy, and solutions to financial institutions, integrators, government agencies, and high-tech firms since 1996. This relationship leverages real-world, hands-on experience with all biometrics – including fingerprint, face, and iris systems – to successfully design, integrate, and deplo